Atari ST
Commodore Amiga


Mike Singleton
George Williamson
David John Gautrey


There you are minding your own business, wondering how you were going to fill another day amid the cold corridors of castle Grimblood when a scream echoes through the hallways. Someone has been murdered and it’s your job to find the killer before he strikes again. Cue music.

The foreboding opening screen Grimblood opens by showing you its Castle screen through which the interrogation and exploration screens are accessed – clicking on castle windows identifies the rooms behind them and gives you the option to travel there. While travelling to a chosen location you may stop at any time to explore other areas along the way or to interrogate anyone you meet.

Function keys are assigned to particular questions you may ask of people, instructions you may give and accusations you can make – but don’t go accusing someone of the murders unless you have positive proof of their guilt: they soon become unfriendly. You can also assign people to go to particular locations to observe happenings and report back to you. Not everybody will co-operate though.

Objects found can be examined and adjacent rooms described with the pointing of the cursor and click of the mouse. Secret passages abound, making it easy to get lost if you don’t keep track of your whereabouts.

To win you need to accuse the right person of the murders – and with characters such as Ironbrain and Lockjaw to deal with your choice of suspects is vast. He/ she will confess eventually but don’t forget to get a witness. Neither should you dawdle as the murderer will carry on with his/ her devilish doings until everyone is dead. And while the murders will whittle down the number of suspects, you never know when you’ll be the next victim.



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