Atari ST
Commodore Amiga


Mike Singleton
David John Gautrey
George Williamson
Dave ‘Ollie’ Ollman


It is 60 years since a meteor struck planet earth, the climate has been pushed into a new ice age. Continents have collapsed, millions have died. Survivors have found a remote island (Midwinter), and with the help of some technology, in the shape of heat mines, life becomes bearable again. A peace force is set up to guarantee law and order , however all is not well. Disgruntled settlers form an army and lead a march to take over the entire island. You as peace force captain John Stark must stop them.Roam a fractal-generated, 160,000-square-mile, 3-D polygon-filled landscape. Hang glide, ski, snowmobile, or travel by cable car. Recruit up to 32 npcs to aid your efforts, but be warned, love affairs, hatred, jealousy, admiration, all play their part in determining the chances of one person recruiting another.

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